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Describing your code is as easy as it gets.

Add multiple code windows

Sometimes you want to describe differences in code snippets and point out best practices by comparing them.

snappify comes to the rescue! Add as many code snippets as you want and arrange them per drag and drop.

Annotate with Text and Arrows

Ever heard the myth of self explaining code? Pah! 😄

Place explanations (or just funny jokes) beside your snippets and style them to your needs with our powerful rich-text editor.

Additionally, you're able to add arrow elements to point at specific parts of your code.

Your branding will be on point

If you're sharing your code snippets on social media, a little bit of branding doesn't hurt!

You can add your own avatar and specify a username for Twitter, Github, Instagram or LinkedIn.

Add custom images

Upload custom images and arrange them per drag and drop. Push your creativity to new boundaries!

For example you can add an image of the programming language you're using or place a screenshot of the desired outcome of your code snippet.

Highlight your code in different ways

With snappify you're able to blur or gray-out parts of your code so the viewer can focus on what matters.

Of course it's also possible to mark specific lines as added or removed to emphasize a change in the code.

Manage your code snippets in one place

As you build an ever-growing library of code snippets, snappify helps you to keep an overview.

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What our users think about snappify

snappify has been an absolute game-changer for me. I share weekly content on programming, and I've written two e-books that are rich in code examples and illustrations. snappify has helped me tremendously in both.

Avatar of Simon Høiberg

Simon Høiberg

CEO of FeedHive

As a DevRel, snappify is one of the top tools in my toolbelt. They make sharing code snippets so easy!

My Twitter followers love those tweets.

Avatar of Lazar Nikolov

Lazar Nikolov

Maintainer of ChakraUI

I'm thankful for snappify. In the past I had to take code screenshots and had to mess with Photoshop until everything looked correct. Now I can do everything directly in the code editor and finish much faster.

Avatar of Tobias Petry

Tobias Petry

Software Developer

I've been using snappify for months, it's the enabler for my fancy slides about coding. I can't live without it, so user friendly and customizable!

Dominik and Anki did a great job!

Avatar of Luca Restagno

Luca Restagno

Content creator

Because your code deserves a stunning presentation

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What's up next?

We're thinking about many additions for snappify in the future!
If you have a feature request, please don't hesitate to reach out to us ❤️

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Figma Plugin

There won't be an easier way to integrate fancy code snippets into your figma design files!

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Notion Blocks

If you love Notion, you’ll also love our Notion Blocks :D

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VSCode Plugin

Create your snaps directly from your favorite IDE!

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Embed on your blog

We’d love to give you the possibility to embed interactive snaps into your website.



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Doesn't matter if you provide your social media audience with your latest findings or just want to pimp up the code snippets in your presentation, we hope you find snappify a valuable companion.

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