🕹️ 9th August 2022

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New tilting functionality is here 🤩
Now you can tilt the code-editor, rich-text, profile-info and custom image elements. So you can present your snap in an even cooler way 😎. Just play with the control (2) - you will love it.
In case you already know the exact tilting degree, you can activate the manual editing mode where you can put the values into the input fields.


🎛 5th July 2022

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The snappify Editor now shows you a rotate handle for all elements which can be rotated. Hint: If you have Ctrl / Cmd pressed while rotating, the element will move in 45° steps.


🤖 7th June 2022

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The snappify VS Code extension is now publicly available! 🥳
Now you can just create snaps from within your IDE - head over to the VS Code Marketplace for usage instructions:


👉 30th May 2022

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New Arrow Styles have landed! 🥳
You’re now able to create dashed or dotted lines and have the ability to customize the start and end markers of each arrow. It’s also possible to choose now marker at all to just draw a simple line.
Have a look on the right toolbar when selecting an Arrow element to see which customizations are possible.


🌱 24th May 2022

New Window Styles

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We released some new code window styles to give you more options on how to style your code snippets! 🥳
In order to change the style you have to select a code window and open the “Window Control” accordion on the right toolbar. It’s now also possible to hide the tab completely if you just to want to share a plain code snippet without the window-look.
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📋 10th May 2022

Upload Images from the Clipboard

It’s now possible to upload an image directly from your clipboard. When you have an image in your clipboard and you’re on the snappify Editor, just paste it and it will be uploaded so you can use it right away.

Copy & Paste Elements in the Editor

Another clipboard improvement is that you can now copy & paste the selected elements in the snappify Editor.
Just select the element(s) you want to copy, pess CTRL / CMD + C to copy and then CTRL / CMD + V to paste them again.
This even works across different snaps! So when you have a special group of elements you want to reuse in different snaps, just copy and paste them onto a new snap 🥳

We’ve also prepared a video where you can get a better overview about those new features:


🙌 3rd May 2022

Snapping Guidelines

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From now on you see snapping guidelines while dragging an element.
This helps you to better align elements to each other and the center / edges of the background.

Multi Selection

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It’s now also possible to select multiple elements at once and drag them around together.
You can even apply alignment options to your multi-selection on the right toolbar.
We’ve also prepared a video where you can get a better overview about those new features:


🥳 4th April 2022

New Dashboard

Our new dashboard is live and replaces the old Snaps modal!
It’s something several users asked for already and finally introduces a new way to organize and keep a better overview about your snaps.
You’re now able to create several folders and sub-folders to bring more structure into your workflow when using snappify.
If you miss something particular in the new dashboard or have essential additions in mind, please reach out to us! 😄
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🎉 23rd March 2022

Embed your snaps via an iframe

We’re proud to tell you that Pro users are now able to embed their snaps via an iframe.
That means you’re now able to embed an interactive version of your snap into your own website / blog! Additionally users can easily copy the code with a new “Copy” button which is visible when hovering over a snippet.
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Our next goal is to make snaps easily embeddable into blogging platforms like Medium, dev(.).to or Hashnode 😎

Closed Beta for the snappify API

We’re also excited to tell you that we launched a closed Beta for the new snappify API! It’s a REST API which takes some configuration parameters and returns a beautifully styled image of your code snippet, like you’re used to from the snappify Editor.
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We’re still looking for testers, so if you’re interested in giving it a try, pls just write a DM to Dominik and he will send you the instructions.


🚀 11th March 2022

Share your snaps publicly!

All our Pro users now have the possibility to share their snaps via a public URL! And the groundbreaking thing here is: it’s not just an image, but an interactive version of your snap, where viewers can easily copy your code snippets!
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We would love to know your feedback about this new feature!

😻 22nd February 2022

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snappify is live on ProductHunt 🥳

About a year ago we started developing snappify and our goal was to build a tool that makes it easy to create beautiful code snippets, while also provide our users a powerful editor which helps them to annotate and explain their snippets.
We are confident that snappify has grown to be a very helpful tool for developers around the world and therefore it's time to make more people aware of it via ProductHunt. 🙌
Your support definitely makes the difference and we'd be super happy if you check it out on ProductHunt and leave your feedback. 😻

😍 11th February 2022

New arrow element

We’ve added a new arrow element which can be super helpful to point out specific areas of your code. You can drag it around and add as many points to it as you wish. Also have a look at the styling possibilities on the right toolbar!
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Code Highlightings

Another feature we’re happy to release is Code Highlights.
You can now either “Washout” parts of your code to either blur them or gray them out. This can be helpful if the viewer should focus on specific parts of the code.
Additionally it’s now also possible to show lines as Added or Removed which can be used to emphasize changes in a code snippet.
notion image
Checkout the video below to see both features in action 👇

🤩 3rd February 2022

The textarea element is now a rich-text editor

From today our textarea is not a simple textarea containing only plaintext anymore. It’s now a fully fletched richtext editor, powered by the mighty tiptap editor! Watch the video below to get an overview how it works. 👇

New snappify editor can now be embedded via an iframe

As you might know, snappify is already embedded into other products like FeedHive or ThreadStart via our npm package. But until now, only our old editor was embedded their.
We’re super excited that from today also our new editor ismbeddable via an iframe and is already live on FeedHive and ThreadStart! 🙌

📜 19th January 2022

We’re introducing new font families for text elements

Pro users are now able to set a different font family for their text elements, which gives you even more possibility to customize the images of your code for your own brand. 🙌
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New image upload modal

When you want to upload an image you’ll now see a fancy new modal where you’re also able to reuse recently uploaded images.
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🔥 13th January 2022

More authentication providers

From today it’s possible to sign up / login to snappify with more authentication providers than just Twitter. We’re happy to tell you that you’re now also able to use the following providers:
  • Google
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
If there’s another provider you’d like to be added pls contact us.

(Monthly) recurring subscriptions

Until now it was only possible to subscribe to our Pro features by doing a one-time payment for a one-year subscription via Gumroad. We’ve implemented this as a quick solution to enable payments, but of course it wasn’t meant as a long-term solution.
Today we’re happy to announce that we’ve introduced recurring subscriptions via Paddle. Together with that, we additionally introduced monthly subscriptions.
Existing Pro users are able to subscribe via the new subscription model as soon as their initial one-year subscription runs out. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

It’s raining discounts!

We’re super happy to finally release more authentication providers and monthly subscriptions, because it enables more users to experience snappify and it’s Pro features.
In order to celebrate this, we’d love to give you a discount code for snappify Pro 🥳
Use the code SNAPPIFY_30 at checkout to get a 30% discount on either your first month or your first year of snappify Pro! 🙌 (the discount code expires on 28th February 2022)


🤠 4th January 2022

Profile info settings

It’s now possible to update your profile info settings. Define an avatar, full name and your username for several platforms which will then be reused in the profile info elements throughout your snaps.
notion image
If you select a profile info element you can choose the platform which should be used for this element on the right toolbar.
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✨ 14th December 2021

New syntax highlighting with Shiki

We've refactored our code editor to do syntax highlighting with Shiki, a powerful tool which gives us the possibility to create precise syntax highlighting for well-known VS Code themes.
In the future we want to add the possibility to add custom themes and if you're missing a VS Code theme which you'd like to use in snappify, please don't hesitate to contact us so we can add it to our list of themes!


From now on the snap is centered on the canvas and can also be moved around by clicking the Scroll-Wheel on your mouse and dragging it around.
Additionally it's now possible to zoom in and out when you press CMD/CTRL + Scroll.
At the same time we could further improve the performance of our editor, which overall results in a very nice UX like you're used to from other design apps like Figma.

Shortcuts Overview

The snappify editor is getting more powerful over time and for better usability we already have a bunch of shortcuts to ease the process of creating beautiful code snippets.
To get a better overview about all of our shortcuts we introduced a new popover so you can get a nice overview! 🙌
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✍️ 7th December 2021 - Edit History

Everyone knows it can be annoying if you accidentally change something without the possibility to undo your changes. That's a problem from yesterday!
From now on you're able to Undo & Redo changes you did in your current snappify session.
Just have a look at the "Shortcuts" menu to see which keyboard shortcuts you can use depending on your operating system.

💡 6th December 2021 - Spotlight Elements

We're working hard on merging our Simple and Pro Editor into one unified editor. And we just released a big step to reach this goal.
Today we introduce a new feature called "Spotlight Element" which allows you to specify one code editor in your snap as a spotlight element.
A spotlight element can't be dragged around manually and is always centered in the middle of the background. If the spotlight elements changes in size (e.g. you add or remove code) then the background will adjust automatically to its size.
If there is a spotlight element, you can't set the height of the background, but the specify the padding to the spotlight element, which will be kept when the spotlight element changes its size (you can also specify no padding at all to just display the code snippet without a background).

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