Learn how to organize all your code snippets in one place

The snappify Dashboard acts as the place where you can store and organize all your snaps.

As a free user, you only have one snap which is stored in the Local Storage of your browser. As soon as you upgrade to our Personal plan, you're able to create more snaps which are then stored on our servers. Beginning with the Pro plan you're also able to create folders for better organization.

For each snap you're able to rename, duplicate, share or delete it.

Context Menu actions for each snap
Context Menu actions for each snap

Organize your snaps in folders

Beginning with the Pro plan you're able to organize your snaps into folders, to keep your content structured. Start creating a new folder by either clicking on the "New button" or the "Add folder" rectangle.

How to add a new folder
How to add a new folder

You're able to reorganize your snaps with drag and drop. Just start dragging a snap and drop it into the desired folder. If you want to move a snap into a parent folder, just drag it into the breadcrumb as shown in the video below. Also, folders can be drag and dropped into other folders this way.

Reuse snaps as templates

Of course, you'd like to design your snaps in your own unique way. Creating the basic design over and over again is too annoying.

That's why we recommend to create a snap including the basic design and just duplicate this snap when you start with a new one.

We also have plans to support public templates in the future so you can share it with others. If you have a specific requirement for templates in mind, please reach out to us!

Auto-generated folders

You might see some auto generated folders on your dashboard. Every time a snap gets generated via the API or our VS Code Extension, it gets stored in there so your root folder won't be polluted.

Screenshot of auto-generated folders
Screenshot of auto-generated folders

Feel free to move those snaps outside into another folder to better suit your structure.

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